Azzaro wood wall cladding is the perfect solution for exterior walls because it combines toughness and longevity of a cap wood plastic composite with an engineered design. The shield gives the wall cladding unbeatable colors and textures with highly stain and UV Resistance making it long lasting and ultra low maintenance.


Please consult a professional building professional to design and choose the correct drainage and ventilation duct materials and design layout. The thickness of the keel is at least 1 inch , So that there is sufficient open and dry space between the wallboard and the wall not blocked by the ventilation ducts, The wall of the construction must be horizontal, and the centre distance between the keels cannot exceed 19.6 inch




Azzaro surfaces is proud to offer its cladding collection, It is a unique open joint profile in fluted panels which bring in the ultimate modern and attractive lines for your projects panels with distinct embossed designs break the uniform and regular rhythm of facades. The distinct trapezoidal wave shape ensures proper rainwater runoff. These composite panels also perfectly imitate open-joint appearance of real wood cladding.


The composite material used in manufacturing azzaro cladding is 95% from recycled products and is 100% recyclable. The polymer is derived from reprocessing of plastic waste. The wood particles come from wood industry recycling. With no toxic products or VOC emission risk, Azzaro Cladding is perfectly safe for the user’s environment. Azzaro cladding panels create an appropriate alternative to tropical wood.




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What is Cladding?

Cladding is the application of material that provides the skin or layer. In the construction area, cladding provides thermal insulation and protection from harsh environmental conditions. Construction also uses the cladding to improve the appearance of the building. These are the following types of cladding:
  • Wood
  • Bricks
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Composite materials can mix wood, aluminum, cement blends, recycled polystyrene, and wheat/rice straw fibers.

Wood Cladding

Wood cladding is a multi-faceted process that covers the exterior of any building or structure with a layer of premium material. It provides thermal insulation and protection against harsh environments. This exterior surface often also controls how elements hit or fall on a surface. Wood cladding is an exterior finish for a structure that is made from wood. Several types of Wood cladding are available, from engineered wood panels to traditional clapboard siding. Many home supply stores stock wood cladding products and can order specialty products by request. It is also possible to order materials directly from a manufacturer or to salvage materials from building sites and structures being torn down. Cladding is also sometimes referred to as the skin or envelope of the building. It’s a layer of material that wraps the outside of the building. This provide some essential protection from the different elements. It also prevents water intrusion into the structure and add layers of insulation and used to keep internal temperatures stable.
Benefits of the Wood Cladding
There are the following benefits of wood cladding that Azzaro Surfaces provides:
Ease of Installation
The relatively lightweight nature of timber enables quick and effective wood cladding installation. The installation of the wood is easier to handle. This makes it faster to complete. It also helps drive down construction costs, making wood a cost-effective choice for cladding.
Did you know that wood cladding can last several years when maintained properly? It has high effect resistance that helps to reduce the damage to your home. Scratches and chips are not as transparent as on other cladding materials. You can do unique treatments during manufacturing to enhance the durability of the wood, including making the wood more fire-resistant.
Environmentally Friendly
Wood is a naturally renewable resource, unlike some non-renewable construction materials. A minimal amount of non-renewable fossil fuels are required to produce wood compared to other construction materials. Did you know that wood is also 100% recyclable? This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials that you can use for any construction use around your home.
Customizable and Changeable
Wood cladding is way easier to replace than other exterior finishing materials. So if you want a change in the future – wood is guaranteed to be the least hassle. Wood is one of the cheapest materials to customize since it requires no special equipment. The wood cladding looks fantastic when it is painted, even with stains (various stains are available on the market). The design opportunities with this type of cladding are endless for creative homeowners.
Wood cladding has a variety of home designs because the wood can be trimmed to any size. The wood is also available in various patterns. You can use the wood cladding on various architectural designs. Their flexibility allows any scale or project. Did you know that wood also allows you to experiment with decorative effects? You can stain or paint the cladding or allow the wood to go through its own natural process of weathering for a unique and attractive color.

Complete Range of Wood Wall Cladding by Azzaro Surfaces

The Azzaro Surfaces stocks many modern, decorative wood products in the United States. You’ll find the authentic wood wall cladding you need for DIY home makeovers or commercial renovations. As leaders in decorative wall paneling and wood veneer technologies, we can offer the very best to architects, interior designers, furniture makers, business professionals, and homemakers.

Colors, Textures, and Finishes for Every Outdoor Wood Paneling

Architects and interior designers have modernized outdoor wood paneling with contemporary takes on classic design elements. The variety of colors and finishes allows you to adapt the wood panel to your style, whatever it may be.

Wood Cladding Maintenance

Before applying any sort of protective coating to the cladding, ensure that the wood is clean. Cladding is generally used on the exterior of a building. For that reason, it’s likely going to experience many weather conditions. Therefore, it’s best to use a coating that has both water and UV-resistant. This will help prevent rot, mold, and structural damage from occurring. The best method of treatment is prevention. If you have a regular maintenance schedule and keep an eye out for anything amiss, you will keep the wood cladding looking like new for many years to come.