Bianco Gioia

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Bianco Gioia

Very light late cream background with dark cloudy and faded gray and black veins and mix with hazy design medium beige color.
Quartz slab available for indoor countertops as bathrooms, Kitchen, flooring, fireplaces, wall slabs, etc.
No Etching, No Staining, Easy To Clean, Bacteriostatic Treatment, No Reaction To UV Rays, Permanent Treatment, ECO Friendly, Increases Superficial Hardness, No Touch & Feel Alteration, No Colour Alteration. Treated With EXCELLENCE.

Slab Details

Material: Quartz
Bk Match: No
Total SqFt. Per Slab: 55.11
Avrage Size: 126″ x 63″ x 3/4″
Finish: Polished
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